33-pc. Survival/Surgical & Suture Emergency First Aid Kit



This custom kit is a perfect item to have while training in the medical field for suturing a skin laceration. The sutures are sterile and in date. All items are guaranteed unused and sterile.



  • One (1) Iris Scissor


  • One (1) Mosquito Forcep


  • One (1) O.R. Scissor, Sharp/Blunt


  • One (1) Thumb Dressing Forceps


  • One (1) Utility Bandage Scissor


  • One (1) Webster Needle Holder


  • Eight (8) Adhesive Bandages


  • Eight (8) Sterile Gauze Dressings


  • Two (2) Antiseptic Towelettes


  • Two (2) Alcohol Pads


  • Two (2) Povidone Iodine Prep Pads


  • Twp (2) Aqueous Towelettes w/0.9% Benzyl Alcohol


  • Two (2) Nylon Sutures with Attached Needle

List of Surgical & Suture Kit Contents: Iris Forceps Iris Scissor Mosquito Forcep O.R. Scissor, S/B Thumb Dressing Forcep Utility Bandage Scissors Webster Needle Holder 8 Adhesive Bandages 8 Sterile Gauze Dressings 4 Antiseptic towelettes 2 Alcohol pads 2 Povidone Iodine Prep Pads 2 Suture, Nylon, with attached needle



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