50-Pc. Deluxe Survival & Suture Emergency First Aid Kit w/ Carry Case & Skin Stapler




  • Kit comes with assorted components including skin stapler and remover
  • All instruments are made of hospital grade stainless-steel
  • The difference in our kits is that we use only in date hospital grade sutures and components, not old surplus or expired sutures
  • The set comes with a leather zip pouch with clear flap inside; its compact size is perfect for glove compartments or backpacks
  • 5½” wide x 7¼” long x 1¼” tall (when closed)

    This kit will make a great addition to your survival supplies or great to have on hand for emergencies, hiking, camping etc. The sutures are sterile, in date and approved for human use. All items are brand new, NOT expired, and clean if not sterile.

    Surgical & Suture Kit Contents
    • One Webster Needle Holder
    • Two Mosquito Hemostat Forceps
    • One Dressing Forceps
    • One Scalpel Handle
    • One Kelly Forceps
    • One Surgical Probe
    • One Operating Scissors
    • One Iris Suture Scissors
    • Five #10 Surgical Blades
    • Five #11 Surgical Blades
    • One Sterile Skin Stapler w/35 Staples
    • One Sterile Skin Staple Remover
    • Eight Adhesive Bandages
    • Eight Sterile Gauze Dressings
    • One Steri Strip Skin Closure ¼” x 3″
    • Four Antiseptic Towelettes
    • Two Alcohol Pads
    • Two Povidone Iodine Prep Pads
    • Four Nylon Suture with Attached Needle
    • Custom carrying case

    Preparation survival emergency first aid kit for wilderness, outdoor, biking.



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