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Become an expert in venipuncture and intravenous (IV) techniques before being exposed to a real life situation.

Follow along through detailed video clips and use the instruments included in the trainer kit to practice the art and science of phlebotomy. Master setting up an IV-line, basic injection techniques, properly collecting samples for laboratory testing, drawing blood, injecting local anesthetics, and much more.

The course gives you the opportunity to perfect skills that virtually all medical professionals need to know and get it 100% right without having to risk working on a real patient.

Guaranteed success in phlebotomy skills! Practice your phlebotomy and IV- procedures using a simulation kit – while completing the Apprentice Doctor® Certified Venipuncture Online Course!

Our Phlebotomy Training Course & Kit Has Been Nominated for the Prestigious 2014 SII CODiE Best Educational Resources Award

Phlebotomy Training *Course

The online phlebotomy training course covers:

  • The basic principles of sterility and asepsis
  • How to perform venipuncture procedures
  • The basic principles of venipuncture
  • Practice arterial blood sampling
  • Various techniques of drawing venous, arterial, and capillary blood
  • Various types of injections (e.g., local and regional anesthetic injections)
  • The techniques and principles used when putting up an IV line
  • Taking and understanding medical history before performing any invasive procedures
  • Collecting capillary blood
  • Drawing venous blood (various techniques)
  • Drawing arterial blood
  • Giving a subcutaneous injection
  • Giving an intra-muscular injection
  • Basic information regarding other specimens (excluding blood) received by the medical technology lab (e.g., urine, sputum and pus)
  • Understanding how to recognize and how to deal with common and less common complications of venipuncture

*The Apprentice Doctor Online Venipuncture Course Link will be supplied after purchasing the Venipuncture Kit.

Venipuncture Kit Contents

Venipuncture Kit Contents

Kindly note: DVD-ROM (in photo) is replaced by a Flash-Disk. Online Course link supplied automatically after purchase.

  • The Apprentice Doctor® Venipuncture Course on flash disk (instead of DVD-ROM). Also available online.
  • Venipuncture Trainer – a fully functional mini arm for practicing phlebotomy, IV, and related skills; realistic feeling as the needle penetrates the vain
  • Lumen stoppers/connectors
  • Syringes – hold medication for injection into a patient
  • Syringe 0.5ml (pre-assembled with 30G needle)
  • Syringe 5ml
  • Syringe 10 ml
  • Needles
  • Syringe needles 22 Gauge
  • Syringe needles 20 Gauge
  • Syringe needles 18 Gauge
  • Safety needles 21 Gauge – engineered to minimize real time risk
  • Catheter – device for transferring IV fluid and medication into a vein
  • IV catheter 22 Gauge
  • IV catheter 20 Gauge
  • Butterflies – flexible tube with winged needle for injections
  • Small IV fluid package (100 ml saline or dextrose) – IV Project: use the clear IV fluid. (Phlebotomy projects: make fake blood by adding red dye)
  • IV Lines – IV tubing for conducting IV fluid from IV bag to trainer
  • IV line – adult
  • IV line – child
  • Vials – to demonstrate how to open and draw up fluid from glass or plastic
  • Glass vial – 10ml saline or sterile water
  • Plastic vial – 10ml normal saline or sterile water
  • Vacuum container hub (regular) – dedicated phlebotomy device for holding vacuum tubes
  • Vacuum container needles (regular) –dedicated needles connect to a vacuum container hub
  • Plain vacuum tubes – Color coded vacuum tubes for collecting blood
  • Vacuum container hub with safety needle pre-assembled – device with a safety needle connected and holding a vacuum tube
  • Lancets – for piercing the skin to sample capillary blood
  • Lancets – safety
  • Lancets – regular
  • Tourniquets – Reduce or stop venous return, to engorge veins
  • Tourniquet (re-usable)
  • Tourniquet (disposable)
  • Tournistrip® (use once-only)
  • Tegaderm™ or equivalent – dressing often used after setting up IV
  • Ruler
  • One skin marker pen – for marking venous or arterial anatomy
  • Alcohol prep swabs – to aseptically prepare the skin for procedures
  • Clean gauze squares – used for cleaning or as a dry dressing
  • Cotton swabs – used for cleaning or as a dry dressing
  • Roll of strapping – to secure, e.g., dressings or IV tubes
  • Work surface cover – clean, waterproof cover for procedures
  • Gloves (non-Latex) – use to prevent cross infection
  • Sharps waste container – to safely dispose of potentially hazardous items and materials
  • Lab requisition forms –for requesting blood tests or other laboratory tests
  • Various forms and illustrations – use while studying course material




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