Injuries attributed to car accidents range from minor issues that take a few days to resolve to permanent disabilities.

Keep in mind that measures to minimize injuries on the roads are always there and they range from the use of seatbelts and the seating position of the occupant, as well as the deployment of airbags. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess such things and determine if you can file for compensation and the much you can seek from the insurance company.

The injuries sustained in an automotive accident can be of two natures – penetrating or impact. The penetrating injuries are attributed to shark objects, such as broken glass and ripped metals that scrape, pierce or cut. Impact injuries are associated with the body being hit or getting hit by parts of the vehicle.

Accident lawyers will investigate the accidents, and they often come across the following types of injuries:

1. Head Injuries

A bump to the head is easy to overlook when it seems minor, but there could be some serious underlying problems that are due to the knock to the head. In short, severe damage can happen and go unnoticed because the symptoms do not manifest immediately after the car accident.

For instance, brain damage can occur, and its initial signs can include a mild headache or a short migraine. Also, the bump to the head can lead to tissue damage and fluid buildup. Conversely, the injuries may be less severe, such as bruising or a scrape when the head gets into contact with the steering wheel, dashboard, seat, or window.

2. Chest Injuries

Check injuries can range from broken ribs, contusions, punctured or damaged lungs, and heart to bruises. Of the various occupants in a car, the drivers are the most prone to such chest impacts, given their position and proximity to the steering wheel. The force against the seat belt or even the shoulder harness during an accident can also be at fault for the chest injuries.

3. Cuts and Scrapes

Loose objects in a vehicle can become a projectile in an instant during an accident. At high speeds, a pair of eyewear, a book, or even a cell phone can cut or bruise the skin.

Even the rearview mirror or a dash-mounted GPS console, though essential features in the car, can become dangerous. The wounds inflicted can range from minor scratches that heal with little to no medical interventions to gaping wounds that require stitching and other medical treatment options.

4. Arm/Leg Injuries

If the accident is due to the car being hit at its side, it will have the occupants throw their arms and legs against the door or side. A frontal impact can have the knees injured as they are forcefully pushed toward the dashboard or the seat ahead. The damage can range from broken bones and deep-tissue sprains to mild bruises and scrapes.

5. Soft Tissue Injuries

Whiplash is an excellent example of a soft tissue injury. It occurs in the connective tissue such as the ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the neck and head. Such injuries can also happen in the back, spine, and joints.

Attorney Michael Herron, a leading automobile accident attorney, is equipped to offer the necessary aid and assistance to anyone who sustains injuries due to a car accident. We can help assess the incident and the nature of your injuries and help you get as much compensation as possible.

We have an untainted track record of successfully representing different clients in different types of cases. We can serve people in all kinds of accident cases, including medical malpractice, slip, and fall, bicycle accidents, and personal injury cases. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation or to know more.

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